Collaborative Divorce Proceedings
Not All Divorce Filings Have To Be Combative

At Weber, Carrier, Boiczyk & Chace, LLP, we offer a collaborative approach to the divorce process with our collaboratively trained attorneys. Collaborative divorce is a goal-oriented approach to privately resolve your divorce matters without resorting to costly litigation and court intervention.

Participants commit to reasonably work through their divorce in a series of meetings. Each party is represented by a collaboratively trained attorney. If necessary, a financial professional or therapist may join the team for all or part of the time. Once an agreement is reached, it is submitted to the court and becomes the divorce decree.

We find that a collaborative divorce provides many benefits to our clients, including:

  • Control: You control the timing, the cost, the outcome and the impact on your life. You develop a divorce settlement highlighting your interests, goals and values, rather than leaving it up to a judge who does not know you.
  • Privacy: The details of your divorce and your personal situation are discussed in a private setting and not in an open courtroom.
  • Quicker: You are able to control the pace of your divorce and are not subject to the court’s calendar. You are able to get divorced as soon as you reach an agreement.
  • Lower costs: Staying out of court means that you don’t risk a costly court battle

Helping You Reduce Conflict And Maintain Respectful Relationships; Call Today

At Weber, Carrier, Boiczyk & Chace, LLP, our lawyers work to keep the nature of resolving your family problems cooperative and respectful. Call us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your goals, interests and values with an experienced family law attorney. Call our offices at 860-225-9463 or complete our online form.

Expert, Experienced, and Friendly Attorneys

"If you’re looking for a law practice that offers a team of expert, experienced, and friendly attorneys, then Weber, Carrier, Boiczyk & Chace is your first phone call. Their approach will quickly make you feel welcome into their family and assured that you have found the very best legal counsel dedicated to your needs. I should know-I am a very satisfied client of three attorneys in this practice, each offering expertise in their particular specialty. Call them now and tell them Marina sent you. You’ll never need to look for another practice. Promise!"

M. Perez

Seven-Figure Settlement Recovered

“When I had a motorcycle accident resulting in a catastrophic injury, I did not call the names on the buses or billboards…or the attorney who claims that he can do a better job for me because he “rides”. When you are seriously hurt, you need the best doctor and the best lawyer. Attorney Weber investigated my case and took an aggressive approach from day one. In less than a year after my tragedy, he held the negligent driver accountable and recovered a seven-figure settlement for me.”

R. Lenehan

Substantial Verdict Awarded

“I was injured at a large hospital. The insurance company said it was my own fault and never offered to settle my claim. The presiding Judge suggested that we withdraw the case. Attorney Weber did an excellent job and the jury held the hospital accountable for its negligence and responsible for my injury. The jury awarded me a substantial verdict.”

Violet Jurkota

Injury Settlement

“I had a rear end collision and did not realize that I was hurt that day. The next day my low back began to hurt me. Even after months of chiropractic care, my low back never fully recovered. The insurance company did not believe that I was injured because the damage to my car was minor. It made a very low offer that was not even enough to cover my expenses and medical bills. Attorney Weber convinced the jury that I had suffered a real injury and that it was permanent in nature. The jury awarded me almost 20 times more than the insurance companies’ final offer”

R. Drumski

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