If you are responsible for overseeing a fleet of company-managed vehicles at your business in Connecticut, you may be looking for ways to optimize the process of fleet management while maximizing its effectiveness in preventing accidents. At Weber, Carrier, Boiczyk & Chace, LLP, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, we understand the challenges of maintaining a fleet.

With your company’s initiative to implement fleet management protocols that prioritize safety, efficiency and responsibility, your drivers may experience fewer risks of getting involved in a serious accident that may have been preventable with the application of appropriate tools and resources. According to Verizon Connect, one way that you can achieve these goals is to develop customized routes for each truck based on its size, the materials it is carrying and the size of its load. Another way you can accomplish this objective is by implementing a real-time notifications system that tracks each truck’s movement to alert for dangers such as doors left open. 

A predictive maintenance schedule can provide you with support in maintaining the vehicles in your fleet by suggesting when certain repairs or maintenance procedures should be undertaken before a vehicle is operated again. This can minimize the chances that an accident happens because of faulty or poorly maintained equipment that may have been preventable with proactive repairs. 

When you are equipped with innovative ways to optimize the processes you use for managing your fleet, you can be confident in your ability to do everything you can to protect your drivers and encourage responsible behavior from them. For more information about preventing truck accidents, visit our web page. 

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