Now that winter is finally here, many motorists in Connecticut will find themselves traveling for the holiday season. In this case, taking the proper precautions is crucial to prevent both you and other drivers from being involved in an accident. Accordingly, AAA offers the following advice.

When driving in the snow and ice, be sure to take your time. This includes both acceleration and deceleration, which can cause you to lose traction if you do so too quickly. Don’t be afraid to drive under the speed limit when weather is poor. It can be hard to stop on slick roads, which greatly increases the likelihood of skidding. 

Also, take care when driving up hills. Instead of pressing the gas while going up the hill, try to build inertia before to carry you up the incline. Also, refrain from stopping your vehicle when you’re actually on a hill. You could end up drifting backward and colliding with vehicles behind you. If you don’t feel confident in your ability to drive on snowy roads, stay home.

If you plan on going on a long trip, make sure you’re prepared. Check the weather report before leaving and pack safety supplies in case you get stranded. This can include extra blankets and warm clothing, as well as fresh water and non-perishable food. If your vehicle does break down, don’t try to walk for help great distances during a storm. Instead, stay put and wait for emergency personnel to find you. You should also have your vehicle serviced before setting out to make sure it’s capable of driving in inclement weather. 

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