No one expects to be in a traffic accident, but a crash you never see coming can occur in seconds.

Even a minor vehicle collision can result in major trauma. Here are three of the most common injuries and why prompt medical care is important.

1. Neck injury

A neck injury is especially common for victims of rear-end collisions. Even if a vehicle traveling at low speed strikes yours from behind, the impact will cause your head to snap forward and backward violently. You could suffer whiplash or a more serious cervical injury.

2. Brain injuries

Falls and vehicle crashes are the two most common causes of traumatic brain injury. A concussion is a minor form of TBI that no one should take lightly. Any level of brain damage can result in ongoing issues including concentration and memory problems at the very least.

3. Shoulder fractures

Shoulder injuries are also common in vehicle crashes. The shoulder joint is complex, and the impact of a collision can cause fractures in multiple locations. Treatment often requires surgery followed by a physical therapy program.

Lasting consequences

If you are in a car crash, especially a minor collision, you may not experience injury symptoms for hours or even days afterward. This is because at the time of impact, your body will release chemicals such as adrenalin capable of masking pain temporarily. It is therefore important to seek medical attention promptly. If you have an underlying injury, treatment can begin at once, which will help to avert any lasting healthcare issues. As the victim of a vehicle crash, timely medical care is also important in terms of obtaining full and fair financial compensation to cover your medical costs, lost wages and more.

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