As the Connecticut weather warms up, many park the car or truck and turn to the vigorous exercise that comes from a bicycle ride to work or school. Unfortunately, after a long winter, drivers may not be fully prepared or aware of bicyclists as they move onto the roads and sidewalks. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 800 bicyclists are killed each year in an accident involving a car. Riders can decrease their chances of injury or death by knowing the safety rules of the road.

The first thing that riders can do is always be prepared with the right equipment. When riding a bike anywhere, the rider should wear a helmet. According to AAA, this can reduce the likelihood of a serious injury by as much as 85 percent. Bicycle riders should always be wary, be seen and be alert. While a bike ride can be nice and relaxing it is important that the rider stay alert.

Riders should always look up rather than at the ground. If a driver does not see them, this gives them time to react on their own. When the head is up, the rider can maneuver out of the way of pedestrians, vehicles and even other bikes.

There should never be more than one person on a bike. Unsecured passengers make the situation dangerous, and there may be injury to the rider or their passenger. Those who ride with groups should ride single file and keep enough space between bikes that they can stop if needed.

Bicycles are a great way to get out and explore the city and the sunshine. If drivers are unprepared and not paying attention and an accident happens, a rider may want to consult an attorney about a personal injury case.

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