As Connecticut drivers prepare for spring, many plan to bring their motorcycles out of storage and enjoy the warm spring weather and the clear roads. Unfortunately, if drivers are not used to watching for motorcycles and are not using correct safety procedures, accidents can be fatal for motorcyclists. This was the case for a driver who was charged with negligent homicide after a recent accident.

The man was also charged with failure to drive a reasonable distance apart and was just barely arrested for an accident that occurred over a year ago. According to, law enforcement officials have been investigating the crash and recently determined that an arrest was appropriate and necessary.

Drivers can be more aware of motorcycles and help to keep the roads safe without a lot of hassle in just a few easy steps. One way to prevent accidents is to always be aware of the blind spot. Motorcyclists are harder to see and when passing, they may end up in a driver’s blind spot for a few seconds. Drivers should always check their blind spots before turning or changing lanes.

Perhaps the simplest way to avoid motorcycle accidents is for drivers to keep their distance between a car and a motorcycle. If a driver puts 4 seconds between the two vehicles, they have time to react and change course if an accident happens.

Car and truck drivers can also protect motorcyclists by slowing down when they are around. There are times where motorcycles must swerve to avoid debris or potholes and if the car is moving slower, the driver has more time to correct. When car drivers and motorcyclists work together, lives can be saved.

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