As Connecticut families plan trips for the summer, many find it is cheaper to drive to their destination than it is to fly, particularly those with large families. Driving long distances can introduce dangers that can be deadly if the driver and passengers are not prepared. There are several things that can be done to prepare both the car and the people for road trips.

According to safewise, the car should always be checked before a long trip to determine if it is road worthy. While most cars are inspected each year during registration time, there are specific things to look for before taking them out on the road. This includes the tire pressure, the oil level, wiper blades and wiper fluid. Any serious concerns should be addressed before the trip starts.

Drivers should never be behind the wheel if they are tired. According to the National Sleep Foundation, every year there are at least 1,500 car accidents caused by sleepy drivers. If the driver has taken any medication that can make them drowsy, it is a good idea to switch drivers until the effect wears off. If nothing else, the driver should pull over and sleep until they feel alert enough to continue driving.

It may seem like common sense, but many injuries and deaths are the result of passengers not wearing their seatbelts. Properly wearing seatbelts and using the right child restraints can greatly increase the chances of survival if there is an accident. Seat belts should always be worn to protect against injury or death. This is perhaps the easiest way to avoid injuries.

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