School zones in Connecticut can be hazardous when motorists aren’t careful. That’s why it’s crucial that you take the proper steps to preserve the safety of kids within school zones, which just might prevent tragedies from occurring. Edmunds offers the following tips in this case.

Children don’t always obey the rules

Kids are often unpredictable when leaving school or playing in parks. For instance, many children attempt to cross the street between cars, which can lead to catastrophe in some cases. Because you can’t control the behavior of kids at play, it’s up to you to keep an eye out. Look twice before going through an intersection when kids are present. Also, be sure to give kids the right-of-way no matter what.

Don’t speed

Speeding is a dangerous driving behavior in general. Speeding in school zones is problematic for many different reasons, mostly because it can result in serious injury. Speeding in school zones may also land you in hot water legally, which can cause you to be fined, jailed, or even lose your license. When in a school zone, follow all signage or keep your speed at 20 mph or slower.

Don’t drive distracted

Using a mobile device while driving is prohibited in just about every state. This level of distraction creates a similar state of being as when a person is drunk, as it may disrupt your judgement and inhibit reaction times. When driving, put your phone out of reach. You should also turn off your phone to refrain from being tempted by notifications. 

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