There are many different traumatic experiences that people may go through in life, but some can be especially hard. For example, some people are attacked by a vicious dog while they are walking in their neighborhood or trying to relax at the beach. These attacks can lead to many different consequences, from scarring and other physical problems to mental trauma that haunts a victim for the rest of their life. In New Britain and all other parts of Connecticut, it is vital for dog bite victims to realize which legal options they may have and do everything they can to recover.

There are many issues to consider with respect to dog bites. For example, dog owners who have any reason to suspect that their pet may pose a risk to others should do everything they can to prevent an attack. Sadly, some dog owners are irresponsible and do not show any regard for the safety of others. Some people know that their dog may bite someone, but they allow the animal to roam free on either public or private property. Dog bite victims may face a lot of pain and the attack could derail their lives in a myriad of ways.

Our law firm knows that those who are attacked by a vicious dog may face numerous challenges as they try to recover. Moreover, we believe that victims deserve justice and compensation for the various problems they may have had to go through, such as expensive medical costs and missing work.

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