Motorists often find themselves driving alongside commercial trucks on Connecticut highways. In this case, ensuring that all who share the road remain safe and secure is a responsibility of everyone, including truckers. While you can’t always prevent accidents from occurring, the actions motorists take can greatly reduce the risk of a crash. Accordingly, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration explains what the drivers of big rigs must do to prevent collisions from occurring.

Avoid distractions

Many states have laws in place that prohibit truck drivers from texting and driving. Statistics show that this practice, which is unfortunately all too common, makes it 23.2 times as likely that a commercial driver will be involved in a crash or near-crash. Of course, there are many other types of distractions drivers should avoid, including eating while driving, adjusting a GPS, and changing stations on the radio. Anything that takes your eyes, hands, or mind off the task in front of you should be avoided. 

Drive defensively

Defensive driving entails being alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. Trucker drivers must check mirrors frequently, always be aware of blind spots, and scan the road ahead for any possible hazards or hold-ups. Many motorists are unaware of how to drive around commercial vehicles, and it’s up to the trucker to prevent an accident whenever possible.

Maintain a safe speed

Speeding not only increases the risk of an accident occurring, it can also make damage and injury far more serious. Truckers must be extra vigilant about maintaining a safe speed, as it’s more difficult to stop larger vehicles once they’re accelerating. This is especially important during rain and snow storms, which cause slick roads.

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